Diakonissen Clinic, Linz

Diakonissen Clinic, Linz

The goal of the modernization of Diakonissen Linz was to create a clinic of the highest quality, a special feel-good atmosphere and an attractive appearance for patients. The particular challenge in the implementation of the project, which was planned in several partial steps, was the reconstruction during ongoing operation and the limited space in the existing buildings. All sub-projects since 2012 have been managed with Datenpool, which served as a communication platform and hub for the exchange of information.

Client: Klinik Diakonissen Linz

Country: Austria

Sector: Health Care

Project start: 11.2012

Link: www.linz.diakonissen.at

Datenpool services:

  • Document management
  • Plan administration
  • Mailbox
  • Review- and approval workflows
  • Versioning