As a platform for storing and distributing information, the Datenpool fulfills the highest requirements for the storage and security of data. In addition to the use of highly available server systems, the data is kept in locally separated data centers and backed up daily to tape, whereby it is always ensured that all data is stored in Austria. In addition to securing the data, there is another aspect that has the highest relevance in the project: By saving the documents in the Datenpool you have delivered in a valid manner!

Information Exchange


The Datenpool uniquely defines the interface for the exchange of information. Different to sending documents via mail, the obligation to provide information is clearly met by the Datenpool when documents are saved and distributed in the system. Lost emails and accusations of blame are a thing of the past. The Datenpool protects you from arbitrariness and delay tactics of individual project participants and brings consistency to your project.

Access and Data Protection


As the central platform for the exchange of information, the Datenpool complies with all data protection and legal requirements. The system is equipped with a highly secure authentication of the users on the server, access to the data is encrypted and the TLS versions 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 are supported. To protect against malware and unauthorized access, the Datenpool is equipped with a Layer 7 firewall with reverse proxy and a comprehensive antivirus system.



The Datenpool automatically logs all relevant processing operations of the project participants in detail. This results in a chronology of the project process, with the help of which it can be clearly determined, whether necessary information was delivered on time. This complete documentation gives you security in the project and forms an objective basis for the clarification of misunderstandings and responsibilities even after the project has been completed. In the case of litigation or additional claims, an exact traceability of the transactions is given.

Function: Security and Functionality