ÖVW, Schichtgründe

Residential Complex Schichtgründe, Vienna

As part of a moderated participation process focusing on mobility, participation and self-organization, a mobility concept was developed and implemented together with the tenants in this housing project of ÖVW. The entire planning and implementation of the project were carried out digitally, with Datenpool acting as a communication platform and hub for the exchange of information right from the start.

Client: ÖVW – Österreichisches Volkswohnungswerk

Country: Austria

Sector: Residential Building

Project start: 03.2018

Link: www.oevw.at

Datenpool services:

  • Consulting Structure and processes
  • Document Management
  • Plan administration
  • Mailbox
  • Review- and approval workflows
  • Versioning
  • Archiving