March 10, 2021

Datenpool App v1.4.1

by Aldin Bradaric in Mobile App, News

The new version of the Datenpool app offers the option to change or reset your password. Moreover, the messages and settings views have received a visual update.

1. Visual update of settings view

One of our goals for this version of the app was to add more structure and cohesiveness to the settings view. Every interaction the user has with the app should be greeted with some form of feedback. That way the user is provided with a calmer and more secure experience.

1.1 Project settings

1.2 User settings

1.3 Language settings

1.4 Password settings

2. Messages are being displayed with a subject now

Messages in a user’s mailbox now display the respective mail’s subject.

3. Password can be reset in the app

It is now possible to reset one’s password directly inside the app. So in case a user cannot remember their password anymore, they type in a mail address and receive a link for resetting their password.

By clicking on the reset link the user is forwarded to a page of the Datenpool dashboard on which they can choose their new password.

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