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Datenpool v7.0.0

Workflow 2.0 — that is the title of this version which is almost exclusively decicated to the workflow. Keep reading to find out more about the new features.


Datenpool App v1.5.0

Version v1.5.0 of the Datenpool app focuses on the esthetic side of things. Documents themselves as well as the history log and the workflow area have been redesigned and improved.


Datenpool v6.1.0

The new Datenpool version v6.1.0 offers a variety of changes and features that improve the overall experience of working with the Datenpool!


Datenpool brings online editing with co-editing

The Common Data Environment “Datenpool” sets another milestone in cross-location collaboration: documents can now be edited quickly and easily online directly on the platform – no matter how large or complex the construction project.


Datenpool Best Practice in the “Tabakfabrik Linz” project

“Tabakfabrik Linz” (Tobacco Factory in Upper Austria) defines itself as a universal factory of the future, a condensed space of art and research, science and creative business, industry, and crafts, education and training; a new district centered on the creative power of people. According to a study by KMU research Austria and the Linz Institute for Qualitative Studies, Tabakfabrik Linz is a beacon of Upper Austria’s creative industries and recently completed its 1st construction phase. “Building 1” and “Magazine 3” are now fully occupied and already in operation.


Datenpool Dashboard v1.4.3

The new version of the Datenpool dashboard offers the user the option to change or reset their password. Additionally, small visual changes were made to make the dashboard even more intuitive.


Datenpool App v1.4.1

The new version of the Datenpool app offers the option to change or reset your password. Moreover, the messages and settings views have received a visual update.


Datenpool v6.0.0

With Datenpool v6.0.0 comes the online editing of document attachments. Either by yourself or with other users, it’s possible to edit files directly online and add changes without the need to download the file first!


Datenpool v5.3.0

Datenpool v5.3.0 offers a variety of visual and functional updates that contribute to making Datenpool even more of a modern web application.

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