May 10, 2021

Datenpool v6.1.0

by Aldin Bradaric in News

The new Datenpool version v6.1.0 offers a variety of changes and features that improve the overall experience of working with the Datenpool!


1. Renaming folders that contain documents

Until now users could only rename folders that didn’t contain any documents. That changes with v6.1.0.

The process of renaming the folders remains largely the same, i.e. a user with sufficient admin rights selects a folder, changes its title and saves the changes.

However, in the event of an error (e.g. due to a document being edited currently) the acting user receives an email with a list of documents for which the changes were not applied.

Those documents will then be corrected automatically overnight.

2. Option to send infomail after multi upload

When successfully uploading files via multi upload, the user now has the option to send an infomail. The sent mail will contain a list of all documents or plans that were uploaded.

3. Increase of the number of deletable mails

When trying to delete old mails, currently there is a limitation of 25 mails at once. That limit has now been removed for the messages tab.

4. Visual adaption of the number of remaining workflow days

When changing to the workflow documents respectively workflow plans view, the user is presented with a list of workflows in review. There, the user also sees the remaining days until a particular review step is due. How urgently a step needs to be reviewed is indicated by a green, yellow or red color. The days are first displayed in green and after passing the first deadline, switch to yellow and eventually to red.

That process has been visually refined in this version which means that now the user sees the sum of green and yellow days first which keeps decreasing until it reaches zero and the color changes to red.


  1. Indent and outdent problems in file note
  2. Default font in editor
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